Sometimes, the most memorable encounters occur in the most ordinary circumstances. My recent interaction with a neighbour named Jannette led to an unplanned reunion and an unexpected reflection on the Arrow leadership program.

One afternoon, while walking my daughter’s rescue greyhound, I chanced upon Jannette, who lived just a few houses away. Despite being neighbours for 15 years, we had never exchanged words until that day. Our casual chat revealed her commitment to her local Catholic Church as a teacher and welcomer. As I shared about my new role at Arrow, her mention of her priest’s name, Father Jim McKeon, came as a surprise. Jim and I had been part of the same Arrow 3 cohort back in 1999/2000.

Enthralled by this connection, I found myself, just a few days later, reuniting with Jim over coffee at Common in Oxford Street Epping. The Arrow Marketing team, amused by this serendipitous reconnection, sent me a series of questions to ask Jim, and his responses are quite insightful.

Jim recalled his Arrow journey fondly, attributing his understanding of vision-driven ministry and goal setting to the Arrow program. He particularly valued the practical application of theology, the broader Christian community exposure, and the purpose-driven focus of Arrow. He candidly admitted that his seminary training didn’t provide him with the clarity of purpose he sought in his ministry; instead, that was a significant outcome of his Arrow experience.

One of his Arrow-inspired achievements was nominating Simon Hyland for the Arrow Emerging Leaders Program. Jim confessed that finding someone from within his context (the Catholic Church) who would be open to a traditionally different context was a challenge. Nonetheless, he firmly believes in the transformative potential of the program.

This shared journey through Arrow served as a testament to the rich and diverse experiences the program offers. But the story doesn’t end here. The day of our reunion brought another set of surprises. As I walked into the café, I ran into Greg Hammond, a Board member from the Australian College of Theology, and also a former Arrow board member. Awaiting Greg was Santino Dimarco, another familiar face for Jim. As it turns out, Santino’s father-in-law, Kevin Craik, was the very person who nominated Jim for Arrow.

This web of connections, spun by chance encounters, was a tangible reminder of how intertwined our lives can be and how God works in wonderful ways. These links and legacies, formed and forged through Arrow, demonstrate the far-reaching impact of the program on Christian leaders across Australia



The Arrow Emerging Leaders Program is more than a leadership course; it’s an experience that equips you with practical skills, sharpens your purpose, expands your Christian community, and ultimately, transforms your life. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from such an experience, I encourage you to consider participating in the program. The Lord moves in mysterious ways – his wonders to perform, indeed!

Inspired by our journey? Begin your transformation with the Arrow Emerging Leaders Program.

Nathain Secker

Executive Director

Nathain joined Arrow Leadership Australia in June 2023. An Arrow Emerging Leader Graduate himself (Arrow 3 1999/2000) he highly values the impact Arrow has for leaders within Australian Churches, not-for-profit, and educational spaces. “Some 90% of those engaged in Arrow Leadership Australia programs remain in vocational ministry, yet it is the personal stories of those whose lives and ministries that have been transformed and invigorated that underscores the importance and value of Arrow” Nathain has served in pastoral, ministry training development roles, and Christian higher education.