Our Purpose is to see leaders…

Led More By Jesus.
Lead More Like Jesus.
Lead More To Jesus.


Arrow Leadership develops emerging Christian leaders in targeted sectors and countries.


We see Christian leaders influencing and transforming people, churches, organisations and communities.

Arrow has 6 independent programs committed to identifying and developing Christian leaders in a variety of expressions from a number of sectors including the church, NFP and Education sectors. Our focus is on developing transformational leaders, who are capable of engaging their context to bring renewal and transformation, so their organisation is stronger and more connected to the community it desires to reach and serve.

Our Programs

Irrespective of leadership context, culture or community, we recognise emerging leaders are facing a transition in their leadership assignment. To see them thrive through this transition, Arrow Leadership creates transformative experiences that engage, stretch and release leaders for the present and future flourishing.

We offer leadership services, training and coaching for your team or organisation! From productivity to conflict management, reach out and we can talk through your needs. 



Being authentic – consistent in principles and practices, and leading through serving



Developing leaders in community, encouraging networking and committing to camaraderie

Holistic living and learning

Growing character to increase competency through life-long learning, modelling a Christ-like life and understanding and responding to the call of God


Upholding God’s standard of excellence as ours, encouraging relevance, innovation, entrepreneurship and evaluation inspired by the Holy Spirit and looking to God’s future for his Kingdom



Constantly maturing, in attitude and actions, the capacity to trust and follow Jesus in all areas of life

Who Are our Arrow Leaders?

Arrow is proud of our Arrow Leaders and their ongoing work following their participation in our program. You will see many great people who have participated in Arrow programs and have joined our continually growing Arrow Community.

Through doing this course…I do have the skills needed to help others find awareness and take action to move forward. Looking forward to the future of coaching!

Laura Young

Arrow has helped me to broaden my perspective of ministry and what it looks like to be a Christian leader both in the church and in the public sphere. I believe the connections made and the content will have an impact on my leadership forever.

Sam Tinsley

I cannot recommend the Arrow program enough. We have been stretched and strengthened personally, professionally and spiritually and leave as better leaders across all the spheres in which we operate.

Anna Phan