Thanks to the incredible support of many like you, Arrow is making a remarkable difference in the Church, especially in this post-Covid period. Arrow strengthens ministries and churches, addresses issues like mental health, burnout, and discouragement, and helps ministry families thrive. In fact, an astounding 90% of Arrow program graduates continue to be involved in vocational ministry. This statistic represents the Churches supported, ministry families strengthened, and lives changed.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical to have strong Christian leaders in our increasingly secular world. Arrow Leadership achieves this goal uniquely and effectively.

As the new Executive Director, I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible growth and impact of our Arrow participants in their ministries. Arrow helps retain people in ministry, whether in Churches, Christian NFPs, or Christian Schools. It equips leaders to navigate change in our rapidly evolving environment. However, despite the growth we’ve seen, 2023 has been a challenging year operationally.

In 2023 Arrow experienced an unexpected budget gap that will see us using almost all of Arrow’s financial reserves and concluding with a significant deficit. Looking ahead to 2024 we have a strategic plan to move towards a financially sustainable model but are still looking at a gap of $140, 000 to sustainably commence the year.

I know that the headwinds we are facing are strong, but I know the Lord and our friends are stronger. I’m asking you, as a valued member of the Arrow community, to prayerfully consider how the Lord might lead you to invest in this important mission. Your investment ensures we can continue developing leaders in ministries across Australia. Stand with us in this gap.

You can give at

Please join us in giving to our September appeal and invest in these leaders. Help Arrow help you keep fighting the good fight.

Yours in Service,

Nathain Secker