Really! What’s the point in Professional Supervision?

Most people in ministry are aware the Royal Commission recommended all people in religious or pastoral ministry have professional supervision with a trained professional supervisor who has a degree of independence from the institution. Have you ever thought, “I know I must do it; I’ll just grit my teeth and do my designated number of hours so I can tick it off my ‘must do list’. My hope is that after reading this you will embrace the opportunity.

I am writing from Arrow’s perspective as I consider we do bring a different perspective to the modalities of Professional Supervision, Coaching and Mentoring.   Our perspective, our heart as we come alongside leaders in ministry is a strong belief in the expertise of the leader to understand their own unique context and culture. This perspective changes our positioning, we do not see ourselves as advisors, rather we adopt more of a coaching posture in all our disciplines (supervision, coaching, mentoring). Our role is to nurture the wisdom, strengths, and inner resources that you inherently bring as the leader. In supervision our primary objective is to empower you, as the leaders to thrive. We do this by fostering deep reflection on your ministry, facilitating deliberate and thoughtful responses, to assist and enable you to wise decision-making. As an example, how often do leaders encounter an issue that is really difficult, and it continues to play on your mind? It takes up your brain space and perhaps you don’t sleep as well, you may even be a bit more likely to react in a way that is not how you want to lead. Supervision can help you explore what is happening for you, what might God be wanting to do in you, in your character? It assists you to see the lens or the filter that you may be viewing this situation through. Would someone else see this differently perhaps? What might be triggering your response? Supervision is an opportunity for personal growth that can impact you as well as those you lead.

Now, let’s differentiate Coaching from Professional Supervision. Coaching primarily focuses on facilitating personal and professional development, helping individuals achieve specific goals and overcome challenges through a structured process of guidance and feedback. On the other hand, pastoral supervision is centred around providing support to individuals working in caring professions, such as clergy, therapists, or social workers, to ensure their well-being and effectiveness in their roles. Pastoral supervision incorporates reflective practices and exploration of personal values and beliefs to enhance self-awareness and maintain ethical standards.

  1. Unlocking the power of reflective practice

Reflective Practice isn’t navel gazing. It broadens your perspective – It allow time to consider how others may perceive you, your leadership and examine the influence of your own lenses and reactions. It is an opportunity for personal growth that can profoundly impact the way you lead in ministry.

  1. Embrace the opportunity

Supervision is an opportunity for personal growth that can positively impact the way you lead in ministry. Our team at Arrow Leadership is here to support you on this journey.

Chris Willaims

Coaching Manager

Christine is one of our Professional Pastoral Supervisors and is an accredited International Coach. She currently serves as the Chair of the Board for her local church and was the Director of Operations and Pastor for over 15 years. She loves getting away in God’s creation and is passionate about working with people who want to develop and grow in their leadership.