New merged organisation will look to identify and release a new generation of Christian leaders equipped to bring cultural transformation.

Two of Australia’s leading leadership and coaching organisations have today announced that they will be merging their operations on January 1st 2022 as they look to enhance the provision to serve leaders across a number of sectors. Arrow Leadership Australia (ALA) and Christian Coaching Institute (CCI), who serve organisations and individuals across Australia, will be bringing their breadth of experience together as they look to identify and develop leaders who are capable of engaging their context to bring renewal and transformation.

Arrow Leadership Australia has established a strong reputation in Australia by developing leaders to be led more by Jesus, who lead more like Jesus, who lead more to Jesus. Similarly, CCI is highly respected in both Australia and New Zealand through their high quality Coach Mastery Certification, Coaching and Supervision.

Liam Glover, the Executive Director of Arrow Leadership Australia says, “Relationships are the currency of the Kingdom and the foundation of this commitment to work strategically together is the result of relationships that already exist between the team at Arrow and the team at CCI. We believe that this merger will increase missional impact and in turn identify, develop and release a new generation of Christian leaders.”

Both organisations recognise the significant influence leadership has on churches, not-for-profits, Christian schools, businesses and as a result the communities served by these organisations. To enable and amplify community transformation, the merged entity will look to support more leaders who are looking to lead with a Jesus-centred approach.

Kylie Butler, Managing Director of CCI comments, “We believe that Christians in leadership should model humility, compassion, and integrity, with a highly developed focus for Kingdom impact. We also want to develop leaders who are resilient, strategic, and prepared for the context in which they lead. We believe by bringing our organisations together, we can see a new era of Christian leadership across Australia.”

Arrow Leadership Australia and Christian Coaching Institute will officially merge at the beginning of 2022 . Internally the teams have already begun collaborative planning and identifying where best to share resources.

About Arrow Leadership Australia

Arrow is committed to identifying leaders within the church, NFP and Education sectors to participate in an Arrow Leadership Program. The programs focus on developing transformational leaders, who are capable of engaging their context to bring renewal and transformation, so their organisation (church, NFP, school) is stronger and more connected to the community it desires to reach and serve.