by Liam Glover

[3 minute read]

Have you ever eaten a dish where your taste buds are just dancing and you’re left wondering what was the secret ingredient? What was that special sauce? You recognise that there was something else in amongst all the ingredients that you couldn’t readily identify – but you’re still trying to work it out, even the following day.

Many people who are considering Arrow want to know what makes Arrow special. What is the unique aspect that distinguishes it from other leadership development programs. What is Arrow’s “secret sauce?”

It would be easy to point to the fact that our programs are trans-denominational, include leaders from all around Australia or the intentionality of encouraging the development of female leaders. However, the real hero of our metaphorical dish is our Jesus centred approach. To this we add the right amount of biblical input, with a hint of worship, a flavouring of free time, a sprinkle of evening speakers, a touch of meaningful entry and exit experiences and a generous inclusion of high-quality content through facilitated sessions.

Despite the importance of all these elements (and others not listed), there’s one that is mission critical.

And, no surprises here, our secret sauce (well not so secret anymore) has a lot to do with Jesus. (Did I say Jesus was the hero of the dish?)

Easter is a Jesus celebration that unites churches and Christians world-wide. Jesus is the centre piece of our faith. Jesus’ life on earth exemplifies kingdom living. Jesus’ death and resurrection invites and enables us to life giving relationships with God and others both now and into eternity.

Jesus says of himself in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Jesus is the Way.

We can so often get caught up on the destination. However, the first of the triad is Jesus being the way. He invites us to walk in step with him, by faith and not by sight. We can trust being led more by Jesus because he knows and is the way. Jesus didn’t invite us to worship Him but to follow Him. His invitation (like that of other Rabbi’s at or around this time) to follow Him was a statement of trust He has in us. It is a statement of faith Jesus has in us, as much as we have faith in Jesus to follow him, wherever he leads.

Jesus is life.

In Jesus was life (John 1:4), Jesus came to give abundant life, flourishing life or rich and satisfying life (depending upon which translation you choose to reference). He created life and is the fulfilment of life. His promise of life is not merely temporary but everlasting.

Whilst Jesus being the way and the life are incredibly amazing, the secret sauce I want to focus on now, particularly as we approach Easter, is…

Jesus as the Truth.

Jesus, through the ministry of Arrow, enables truth to be experienced.

Arrow, through the ministry of Jesus, enables truth to be told.

Arrow creates a safe environment (away from work and home contexts) where leaders can…

  • Be truthful with themselves
  • Be truthful before (and because of) God
  • Be truthful before others

The profound nature of truth – Jesus truth – is that it is the way to freedom. Sadly, in leadership circles, truth can be hard to find. In the words of famous theologian, William Joel, “Honesty is such a lonely word.” However, honesty is not a lonely word with Arrow Leaders. Having been part of a residential experience these last few days, a participant shared, “this Arrow Community is a place – the only place – where I can be totally honest.”

We find Arrow Leaders finding freedom because the truth has set them free (John 8:32).

So, my invitation to you this Easter is to seek after the Way Maker – the Truth Maker – the Life Maker, in order that you find freedom in whatever leadership assignment God has for you right now, or into the future.

May you experience in refreshing and new ways the reality of the crucified and risen Christ this Easter season.


Liam Glover

Executive Director

Liam enjoys an abundant life having served for many years in start-ups in the Christian Not For Profit sector. He is passionate about most things, but particularly his relationship with our trinitarian God, his wife of 30 years, his three adult boys (+ new daughters), development, the kingdom and coffee. He loves ideating, communicating complex concepts simply, writing and exercise.