by Nathain Secker

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I remember the moment clearly – driving with Peter Corney to the airport in Bathurst after the national conference for Church Army, where he spoke, when he asked me to join the Arrow Emerging Leaders Program. It was early 1998, and in the previous six months, I had left the denomination where I had first come to faith as a teenager, been trained and ordained in, and served as a senior pastor. I had moved interstate to take up my new role as the National Training Director of Church Army Australia (an organisation new to me), and purchased a house in Sydney (or more accurately a mortgage), just as the National Director who appointed me resigned, leaving me in a period of upheaval and rapid change.

Joining Arrow was a turning point for me. I had known of Peter’s ministry for years and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of something he was involved in. Being mentored, challenged, and inspired by a group of experienced leaders and peers who had no connection to my denomination or organization was liberating and incredibly helpful. It was a vital time of growth, filled with sounding boards, reflection, prayer, and a community that cared about what God was doing in me more than what I was doing for Him.

Now, the opportunity to lead Arrow is both moving and immense. My wife Juli describes it as a 30-year love story where my ministry journey and calling and Arrow’s mission and mandate circle and connect and circle again until this moment. I am grateful for the words Liam shared before he even knew who was applying.

The person who assumes leadership of Arrow is ready, with all of their experiences and education preparing them to serve as leader for such a time as this.

I want to stand in the strength of that truth. I want to stand in the strength of what God has done and is doing. Indeed, this is the only strength in which I can stand.

As we together continue in this season of change, I ask that you join me in prayer for the Board, Staff Team, Volunteers, Supporters, and myself, so that together we may know the perfect timing of God and His strength and guidance.

Thank you for your support and dedication to the ministry and mission of Arrow, I know just how important an impact it makes.

Yours in service,


Nathain Secker

Executive Director

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