Friday 20th January 2023

Arrow Australia Head Targets New Global Arrow Role

It is with mixed feelings of joy and sadness that I share the news that Liam Glover, Executive Director of Arrow Leadership in Australia for over 11 years, is expanding his work beyond the Australian borders by serving as Chief Executive Officer within the global Arrow network – focussing on enabling, empowering and encouraging existing Arrow countries to flourish and to commence Arrow expressions in new countries.

Mike Stevens reflected, “Liam has overseen significant growth in the ministry of Arrow Leadership in Australia over the last decade, where we now develop leaders through programs, coaching, supervision, coach training, consultancy and unique organisational in-house training.”

Liam shared, “It has been a privilege and honour to see women and men who differ geographically, culturally, theologically, contextually and in age cohere together to form leadership learning communities. And then to hear stories of transformation in their lives and the communities they serve has been a delight.”

Liam continued, “I will miss most the amazing team with whom I have worked and seen flourish over the last decade. They have made Arrow Leadership what it is today, and will continue to be in years to come. Through the leaders in whom they have poured themselves, communities are being transformed around Australia.”

Mike continued, ”Whilst Liam is formally concluding his time with Arrow in Australia, he will continue to apply his passion and expertise to the development of Christian leaders through the Arrow Leadership network in new and existing countries – currently Canada, Denmark, England, Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland and United States of America.”

Mike concluded, “We will initiate shortly a recruitment process to identify who will assume the next mantle of leadership.”

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