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Licence Agreement

The User Guide is licensed to people in one of the following three categories at no charge:

1.1. people who have been given a complimentary copy of the book Hire Right, First Time by Rev. Peter Corney and Dr. Ken Byrne or
1.2. people who have purchased that book or
1.3. organizations that have purchased that book
2. All of the material is governed by copyright law.
3. I understand that it may only be used by the person who has obtained the book mentioned above.
4. The license allows the user to utilize the material ONLY at the institution where they are now employed.
5. The material in Section 3 (Reusable Forms) may be reproduced by photocopy or other means only for the purpose of assisting your organization in its staff selection exercises.
6. The license strictly forbids the user from copying by any means any of the material in the User Guide for any other purpose.
7. The license also forbids the user from sharing the material with anyone who is not working at the same place of employment.

By downloading this User Guide, you agree to the licence conditions above.

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