NFP Teams

Partner with a global leader in Christian leadership development.


Australian Christian Not-for-Profits partner with Arrow Leadership when they:

  • Desire to develop the Leadership breadth and depth required to sustain and grow excellent community service.
  • Need to build leadership capacity in order to expand
  • Recognise the importance of bolstering leadership resilience
  • Understand the importance of future-proofing their leadership in a super-competitive environment
  • Give up trying to head-hunt their way to greater capacity or relying on a few in-service seminars to develop their leaders

About Arrow Teams

As a not-for-profit leader, you already how much your future depends on building a strong and deep leadership bench. If you’re hoping to expand, 
you’re already seeing the demands on your current leadership group and recognising the intense competition in recruiting talent. 
You’re probably fed up with trying to headhunt your way greater capacity, 
and you know a few in-service seminars are not going to get you there. 
You’ve read the articles about leadership resilience and seen the fallout when the pressure gets too great, and you know a few piecemeal wellbeing initiatives are not going to deliver. 
Leaders like you partner with Arrow to build a culture of sustained leadership excellence.

Arrow NFP Executive Leaders is a life-transforming experience where your staff will:

  • learn in community during residential intensives
  • be supported in small peer groups
  • Talk through challenges and opportunities with a personal leadership partner
  • Form a long-lasting bond with prayer partners
  • Experience diversity that gets them out of their own echo-chamber

Arrow NFP Executive Leaders graduate with:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Stronger character
  • Higher Resilience
  • Skills to more effectively lead their team

Your staff can undertake Arrow NFP Executive Leaders as part of a higher education course in partnership with some of Australia’s leading ministry training institutions.