Finishing: Completing the Race Set Before You (Breakthrough Series Book 3) Kindle Edition

Finishing is designed for those who face life’s final and most strategic transition—one in which God is moving them beyond the position into a time for unique and ultimate contribution. Finishing provides ways to better recognize God’s shaping voice and discern the few things they must do as they live out their days. Finishing doesn’t mean you’re finished. Some of your most important days and work still lay ahead as God reveals all that He has entrusted to you over your lifetime. Now it’s time to complete the race set before you, and leave a godly legacy that will last. Finishing will help you consolidate important truths around the Finishing Transition. Begin to see the potential of influence even without position. Discern what God has entrusted to you over your lifetime. Learn how to relationally empower those God brings your way. Resist the idea of retirement, empowering you finish your life well. Finishing can help you to finish well.