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At Arrow Coaching+ we believe that coaching is one of the most powerful ways to see leaders, teams, and organisations transformed for maximum impact and influence. Because of this, we take pride in offering exceptional training to help people implement a coaching approach within their unique area of influence – whether organisational leadership, team development, or private coaching practice.

Welcome to this e-learning “How to review and plan your next season” – an ultimate resource for busy Christian leaders to successfully navigate and plan ahead. Whether you are completing this course in December/January or June/July or something in between – it does not matter. This course is designed for you to do a review and plan at any time that suits you.

This course is for people who love to develop, grow and learn, people who have some initial ideas and thoughts but need support to help them review and plan more deeply or concretely.

People who complete this course will do a deep review of their learning and insights from their past season and create a plan for the next season that includes both personal and professional and you will leave feeling confident and in control.