Arrow Rise Leadership Program

Arrow Rise is for young leaders aged between 18 and 25 who are committed to Christian discipleship, volunteering in a leadership position, serving in a local church or Christian organisation and who have a deep desire for greater Christ-like leadership.

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Arrow Rise is a development program tailored to 18-25 year-olds.  We tackle the issues young adults are seeking to address, in a style and language that makes sense to them.  Participants interact with content specialists while learning in a supportive community.  Each participant is assigned a personal leadership partner – a specialist coach to help them think through their challenges and opportunities.  Participants deepen their faith, strengthen their commitment and build the disciplines that will serve them over a lifetime.

Your young adults can undertake Arrow Rise as part of a higher education course in partnership with some of Australia’s leading ministry training institutions including ACOM. 

Build your future.  Build your leaders.  Partner with Arrow.

Dates for the 2024 program:
26 April 2024 Online Introduction 
14-17 June 2024 In-person residential (VIC) 


One week-long interactive residential retreat filled with experiential learning and dynamic content by some of Australia’s best Christian leaders.

Online Learning

Practical online sessions and resources keep you connected and learning from leading specialists on various leadership topics.

Reading and Devlopment

Participants read a range of leadership and evangelism literature and complete some personal development projects. 

Leadership Partners

Participants meet regularly with an experienced Leadership Partner to discuss life, and ministry issues, their reading, and progress.

State-Based Peer Groups

Peer groups meet together between each residential and initially at an induction day prior to the first residential

As a leader in a church or para-church organisation, you already know how much the future of the Christian movement in Australia depends on our capacity to retain and disciple young adults.  The National Church Life Survey identifies retaining young adults as a primary indicator of church sustainability.  Young adults in turn fuel a vibrant youth ministry.  Without these two age groups, churches develop an age-range gap from which most do not recover.

You’re probably trying your best to create engaging programs and to develop your young adults as leaders.  It’s hard work.  Young adults are distracted by studies and careers and attracted to dozens of other influences and possibilities.  Some never reappear after being submerged in the pressure of year 12, some turn 18, grab the car keys and are seldom seen again.

Even large churches struggle to find the time, energy and resources to provide an attractive, supportive and challenging environment where young adults will go beyond socialising and a perfunctory Bible study.  

Leaders like you partner with Arrow to invest in the lives of young adults, deepening their formation and building the habits and skills that will sustain and strengthen their discipleship.

– Cath Tallack

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  • Participants experience:
        • Learning in community during a residential intensive
        • Support in a small peer group throughout their Arrow Rise journey
        • Opportunity to talk through their questions and challenges with a personal leadership partner

    Participants graduate with:

        • Greater self-awareness
        • Stronger character
        • Higher Resilience
        • Deeper commitment to the way and the mission of Jesus

“Arrow is the kind of professional development that all professional development really should be – personal development.  As a teacher and leader, the person I am matters more than the techniques I have or the books I’ve read.  It’s nice to go to a ‘PD’ and feel changed, rather than just temporarily enlightened.”

“I thought I was coming to a professional development program, however it is so much more than that. This program has the potential to change the trajectory of your life.”

“Arrow Leadership is a pivotal experience. It asks for the participant’s courage. Courage to scale heights and plumb depths of character rarely traversed in lives harried along in the currents of life.”

“Over the past 12 years of leadership and over 20 years of teaching, the Arrow Leadership program has been by far the most insightful and has made the greatest impact for positive change.”